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They have some funny tricks too

One  might think they  do not represent or pretend or imagine, and they are more  innocent than that, but believe me, some of them invent tricks and puzzling behavior may not unthinkable one  representation and imitation, and the fact that they have talents buried and we have to discover and work on to  develop  them ,  I will tell you a strange story of stories that happened to me during my work .
Radwan was  his name ,  he  was twenty years old does not seem to be any manifestation of the disability, but simple palsy in his leg and   right hand, from affordable and educated  family  .

When I have  seen  his  profile I  found that  he was  suffering from regular and simple  epilepsy  and  it was under control .
But I have noticed the opposite, in fact, I noticed that he dropped an average of three to four times a day as a result of epileptic seizures   and also noted that the supervisor ladies who  were  in the section where he  used to be  running away to bring a pillow and put it under his head   so that his head does not   hit the  ground during a seizure   and  this is repeated several times a day but I was not   convinced that what was  happening  was  normal  .

I know the situation  in such cases and how the ill people react  so therefore it was necessary to take swift action on this situation .
On day  he fell down in a dramatic  way  the ladies   ran  as usual   to  attend the pillow I asked them to stop and   not to submit it under his head  I want to make sure of something   I  have been confirmed so I  did not see  his head hit   the ground as usual  when you put the pillow under his head, then I asked him to stand up he  looked shamefully   and knew that I had discovered   his game .

Some  people perhaps  think  that the reason for such behavior is to attract the attention of others , that is true  , but believe me thats  not always  .
The real reason which we found out   that when laid on his back   on the ground during the case, the  ladies  be over his head for fear he might get damage  while  he  was  snooping and is enjoying the view of the  underwear of the ladies .
I asked him to come to my office talked to him about  what happened and why   he   did that , he could not give any response  and    had  admitted that he was   wrong . he stopped that  later .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

                Can they plan for strike ?? 

I love to tell some of the situations that happened to me during my career in my work with people with disabilities, the fact that some of us , in many cases may not have sufficient capacity to choose  may find  himself  in situations not planned for  or be ready for, and this is exactly  what happened with me more than once.
One of the  exotic positions that happened to me, when I started my new job in one of the large organisations in the country  , which is a  sheltered  workshop a factory  of wooden and metal furniture and equipped with all the  potential crisis for the work of people with disability, especially the means of safety devices .  The origins of work for me  to do is to identify the people who I will work with them, and  I asked for  meeting with them  and prepared the room for that  I came  in the hall  on time  I was so surprised I did not find anybody 

 waiting for me and the room was completely empty , I was really surprised  and when requested clarification  I learned  that  they were have decided to strike against  me  and they do not want to see me here , and  when I  tried to  understand  , they refused even  to negotiate with me,  through my experience I learned that there are leaders, leading this rebellion, I invited two of them  to  my office  spoke with them I knew that   the strikers do not want me in the organization and I have to leave immediately, I asked them to give  me  some time to  make my decision. I know through my experience too , that behind this rebellion some of  instigators  of the trainers and supervisors    , In fact, I did not worry  about that  , what I care about  is the situation  itself  , I  was very pleased    that they have come to this advanced stage of freedom of expression.  that was really  what struck  me .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The joy of solving problems

Life's problems do not exist to beat you down. They exist to help you grow.
Do you ever go to the gym, stare at all the dumbbells lining the wall, and exclaim, "Dammit! Why are there so many weights here? I can't possibly lift all of them! Look at how heavy they are! Why can't they just have a few easy weights and let that be enough?"
Of course that sounds silly, but this is precisely how many people react to the various problems that surface in their lives.
"Dammit! Why do I have to be overweight? Why can't I just be thin and fit? Why are there so many delicious foods that make me gain weight? Why does exercise have to be so hard? I'm so sick of being fat!"
"Dammit! Why does it have to be so hard to make money? How am I supposed to get out of debt when I can barely pay my bills? Why does it seem like every time I start to pull ahead, my car breaks down again? I'm so sick of being broke!"
"Dammit! Why can't I find a girlfriend (boyfriend)? I'm a nice person, aren't I? I'm tired of lame dates with total idiots! Maybe I should just be celibate. Why does this have to be so hard? I'm so sick of being alone!"
"Dammit! Why can't I find a job I like? Why do I have to do stupid work I hate just to make money? What kind of life is this? How am I supposed to do what I love when I don't even know what that is? I'm so sick of my job!"
Any of this sound familiar?

Problems as Obstacles

The attitudes reflected above depict problems as obstacles. They are roadblocks, annoyances, and irritations. They get in the way of living. They interfere with your peaceful enjoyment of life.
Given this mindset, you should do your best to prevent problems from arising whenever possible. If a problem occurs, it means something went wrong. It should have been anticipated and avoided. An unavoidable problem represents bad luck or a cruel twist of fate. Or perhaps it suggests you held the wrong thoughts and somehow attracted it via the Law of Attraction.
If you currently have problems on your plate, then you should try to eliminate them if you can. Aim for the delicious nirvana of a problem-free existence — everything in its proper place and nothing to worry about.
This is a terrible mindset to hold. The longer you think this way, the weaker you'll become. This mindset puts you on a path with two primary branches.
The first branch leads to overwhelm. Eventually your life gets filled with problems you can't easily solve. You'll probably resort to some form of escapism to cope (such as via TV, web surfing, video games, excessive reading, alcohol and drugs, etc). You'll get that slow sinking feeling that your life is slipping away from you. When new problems arise, you'll become stressed, worried, or anxious.
The second branch leads to withdrawal. You gradually check out from the world in order to reduce the problems you'll face. You may justify this with words like simplification and minimalism. If some part of your life gives you too much trouble, you try to surgically remove it. You probably live alone and have few friends. You favor work that's easy, unchallenging, and unrewarding. The thought of living in a cave somewhere or meditating for days on end starts to sound like a good idea. All you want is peace, peace, peace, but you never seem to be able to stay there for long. Some annoyance always comes up.
There are other branches as well as variations of the two above, but for the most part, you're either headed toward stressful overtraining or long-term atrophy. Either way, the longer you run these patterns, the weaker you become. Eventually problems that didn't seem so big five years ago now feel like terrible burdens. "Dammit! Why did that light bulb have to burn out? Oh crap, I'm outta bulbs too. Now I have to go to the store. Ehhh… I'll do it later. I just don't have the energy to deal with this now."

Problems as Opportunities

Let me offer you a different way of thinking about problems that's a lot more empowering and a lot less whiny.
Problems do not exist to beat you down. They exist to help you grow stronger. Problems are like the dumbbells at the gym. If you attempt to lift them, you may feel tired in the short run, but you'll grow stronger in the long run.
When you think about the various problems and challenges you're facing in life, you may be tempted to assume that the goal is to reach the solution state — to get past the problem. But that's a very narrow and largely disempowering perspective. That's like saying that the point of going to the gym is to reach the end of your workout.
A more productive perspective is to consider that the activity of solving problems is what really matters. It's the activity, not the final solution state, that helps you grow.
Suppose that one of your problems is that you're broke and in debt. If so, I imagine that's a problem you'd very much like to solve. You may feel desperate to arrive at a solution as quickly as possible. But the greatest value is found in the activity of solving this problem, not in the end result.
One of the reasons I'm doing well financially today is that I solved the problem of being broke about 10 years ago. It was definitely not an easy problem to solve. I had to go through a lot of difficult intermediate steps to become strong enough to solve it. I made many adjustments to my attitude. By lifting those weights, I grew stronger mentally, and my finances soon followed.
Consequently, I know that if I ever found myself broke at some point in the future, I could solve that problem again, probably much more quickly than I did the first time. Even though I have more to lose these days from a financial perspective, I don't fear losing it. I know I have the strength to bounce back. My real gain wasn't money. My real gains were inner strength, knowledge, and skill.
What would my life be like if I jumped instantly to the solution state without actually solving the problem on my own? Suppose I won the lottery. At first it might appear that all my financial troubles were solved. But I'd actually be in a far worse position.
As I was going through that period of financial scarcity, I prayed that I didn't experience a cash windfall. I knew I had to solve the problem on my own. I didn't want to accidentally get a big inheritance and rob myself of crucial financial lessons and training. When someone gave me lottery tickets as a gift, I got nervous because I was worried I might win.
It was hard dealing with some of those challenges, but I could see that my problems served a greater purpose. They were helping to train me up.
Another benefit is that by solving these problems for myself, I've been able to write many articles to share what I've learned. I couldn't have done that if I bypassed all those difficult lessons.
Physical problems build physical strength. Mental problems build mental strength. Social problems build social strength. And all problems will on some level build spiritual strength (or strength of character).
This mindset has a positive long-term outlook. The longer you hold it, the stronger you become.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reasons Against Capital Punishment

The history of capital punishment dates back to the time of Spanish colonial rule wherein the most common execution methods were shooting by the firing squad. In 1926, under the colonial administration of the United States the method of killing was by the electric chair which was introduced by the Americans during their rule in the Philippines.
Meanwhile on the bigger aspect, three quarters of execution due to capital punishment worldwide occur in Asia. 95% of Asians live in jurisdictions that carry out capital punishment. China alone accounts for 90% of all executions in Asia. China also executes the highest number of people annually but the Chinese criminal code explicitly forbids the death penalty for offenders who are under the age of 18 at the time of the crime.
At present time, there are people who are supporting the death penalty all over the world but there are also others who are trying to abolish the death penalty including the people in the religious and non-religious sectors of the society. Thus, in our own opinion, there are a lot of reasons why capital punishment should not be implemented but the foremost reason is because it violates the major human right of a person which is a person's right to live.
If we believe that murder is wrong and is not admissible in our society, then it has to be wrong for everyone, not just for individuals but for the government as well. Capital punishment should not be implemented for the main reason that it is violating one of the major human rights of a person which is a person's right to live. Everyone should be able to value the dignity of every human person and should guarantee full respect for human rights regardless of the person's criminal act.
Furthermore, we should also take into account that everybody has the right to defend himself before he could get executed by the state, for the promotion of social justice. Most of the time, genuinely innocent people get executed for the crime they didn't even commit because of the lack of righteousness and there is no possible way of compensating them for thismiscarriage of justice.
Moreover, just punishments can occur without resorting to capital punishment because the death penalty only evokes moral outrage and a call for justice among the people, which will eventually lead to the lack of equality and justice in the country.
Another reason why it shouldn't be put into operation in our society is because it won't make any difference at all if you kill the murderer because that can't bring back the life of the person who was killed. Besides, if you killed the murderer yourself, that doesn't make you any different from the murderer. And you're just making another crime which is punishable by law.
Also, even criminals deserve a second chance to change themselves and to repent for what they have done, and they're not going to be able to start all over again if they're going to be sentenced to death.
Going to the other side of the argument, others might approve of capital punishment for the reason that the only way the murderer could pay for the crime that he committed was to take away his own life through capital punishment, which is quite pointless since that wouldn't bring back the life of the victim.
Capital punishment can also lower the crime rate of a country and permanently removes the worst criminals from society and should prove much safer for the rest of us than long term or permanent incarceration. Like for instance, countries who have implemented capital punishment experience lower crime rates than the countries who haven't implemented capital punishment. But that doesn't mean that our only option to eliminate the growing rate of crimes here in the Philippines is by capital punishment because just punishments can occur without resorting to the death penalty.
In summary, capital punishment violates one of the major human rights of a person which is a person's right to live. Every person has the right to defend himself before he could get executed by the state and shouldn't be exempted from that right. Just punishments can occur without resorting to the death penalty and there would be no difference at all if you kill the murderer because that can't bring back the life of the person who was killed. And lastly, even criminals deserve a second chance to change themselves just like other people do.
On the contrary, other people might think that the only way the murderer can pay for the crime that he committed is to take away his own life through capital punishment. Capital punishment can also lower the crime rate of a country through its injustice ways of killing the criminal, but there are other just punishments that can be carried out by the criminal without resorting to the death penalty.
Therefore, we think that it's best if capital punishment should not be implemented in our country because although it can lower the increasing crime rate in our society, it still isn't a humane way to punish a criminal because there are other alternative ways of punishing a criminal through just punishments rather than using the death penalty. But most importantly, it shouldn't be implemented because it violates the major human right of every person which is a person's right to live.

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