Friday, April 27, 2012

Will hunger achieve the goals that other means could not

After suffering for decades from the oppression of captivity and detention in the prisons of  Israel  occupation  , after the inability of the world to put an end to this suffering  , the Palestinian prisoners found that  only hunger  may draw world attention to their plight,  more than 1,500 prisoners decided  on hunger strike to achieve their demands, It is strange that these demands approved by all human rights organizations which are the  natural rights of self-evident that provided in prisons all over the world, and improve conditions of detention and humane treatment in prisons .
Perhaps few people who knows that  more than 10,000  prisoners are languishing now in Israeli jails in deplorable conditions  and very, and some of them spent more than 20 years and possibly  more in prison without a fair trial at least   because of  one reason  , demanding  freedom and an end of the   the  occupation that lasted more than 40 years .
The human rights organizations demanded  the Israeli occupations to put an end   of non-humanitarian  practices   carried out against  Palestinians under occupation, but as everyone knows, the decisions of these organizations do not have the force and implementation  and    remain a dead letter, because of no political decision supportive ,The fact that dozens of decisions issued by the UN did not find its way to implementation because of the intransigence of the Israeli side, including the resolutions of the Security Council to end Israeli occupation.
Therefore,  perhaps  the Palestinian prisoners  have found  that starvation  and slow  death may move  the rest of the conscience of the  this world  ,  unfortunately, Idoubt it.