Monday, April 13, 2015

Children With Mental Retardation

Frequently there are individual differences from child to child, but the there are common characteristics in children with mental retardation issues. 
 Children with mental retardation have poor impulse control and responses are often an over-reaction to the situation. This may be confusing to them. They may need to have the situation explained to them, especially where their thinking went wrong. Over-reactions may be general thinking errors, and they need explanations in simple terms. Make sure they are looking directly at you because they cannot calm down if they cannot hear you. And they cannot hear you if they cannot see you!

They have a limited number of social and communication skills that can result in using physical acts to express anger and frustration rather than words, especially when the situation is complex. Help remove the complexities of the situation and communicate with words rather than actions.

 Moral judgment requires the ability to be able to go beyond oneself and see how your behaviors will impact someone else. Children with mental retardation cannot always do this without help. They need people to point this out to them. Once someone points out how their behavior impacts someone else, they will understand, and they may or may not do something about their behavior. They may also need to be told exactly what to do, especially if the situation is ambiguous.

They really have a hard time understanding motives and feelings of others. They tend to see very little beyond themselves and how they are impacted. They may have immature ideas about the causes of things and who is to blame about things that are their own fault. They might also assign blame for accidents, and they may not always understand the difference between accidental and on-purpose. If the situation is too complex, they do not always understand the difference between right and wrong. Simple right and wrong – hitting, yelling, etc. – they do understand.
Very few kids with mental retardation will freely admit that they have mental retardation. They want to be normal and fit in. They will act as though they understand something even though they really don’t because they want to fit in, and because they want approval. They are more likely to answer ‘yes’ than ‘no’ to questions. It is important to know this. You can still ask yes-no questions, but follow them up with questions that find out if the person knows what you are asking, or if they are seeking approval. Ask to explain the idea or how it works. Avoid ‘what if’ questions.

Kids with mental retardation may do some things better than they do other things. They may have a strength or some social capability. Or they may have a strength in a small area where overall they are limited.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Find Inspiration in Life

Are you an artist? Or someone with creative skills? You just cannot complete your work if you’re not inspired. You need to find inspiration to do something. To churn out the maximum creative juices, you need to find your inspiration.
And it’s not just for artists. If you want to give a direction to your life, you need to be inspired. But the problem is, most people don’t really know what inspires them. Let’s see how you can find your true inspiration.
We all have different inspirations
While some artists are inspired by nature, others are inspired by humans and their ways of living. We all have different inspiration sources. Some of us need to look within for inspiration, while others have to look outwards. There is actually no golden answer when it comes to finding inspiration. Also, there can be multiple answers for an individual. I find inspiration in many things. And nobody can tell you what should or shouldn’t inspire you. You have to find out yourself. I can only help you in your journey. When I look back at my life, I see that I have been inspired by different things at different times. When I was a teenager, I was I wanted to be a musician like them. As times change, our inspirations and role models change.
Focus on what you want now
While I still enjoy music, I don’t really want to become a musician anymore. So music isn’t my inspiration now. Today I have different goals and I get inspired by world travellers, entrepreneurs, and leadership. I find people amazing. I am amazed by their abilities and accomplishments. But I find that getting inspired by people isn’t enough. This is why I also draw my inspiration from travel and nature.
Since inspiration sources keep changing, you don’t need to think about the past for inspiration. Think about now. What inspires you and sets your soul free right now? Think of today. What do you want to do right now, or where do you wish you were? That will lead you to your source of inspiration.
Turn to nature
Nature is something that can inspire almost everyone. If you are feeling uninspired, go wandering. Clear your mind of all worries and go out in cool weather- just to enjoy the scenic beauties of nature. This is something that will take your mind off all worries. You will soon find inspiration in nature. From different plants to water bodies, to exciting animals- nature is full of surprises. Just relax and enjoy it, and you’ll be inspired.
Here are some ideas
If you still are unable to find your source of inspiration, try these:
  • Read biographies of successful or great people
  • Travel and visit another culture. Mingle with the local people there and learn about them
  • Go to photography exhibitions and see the beauty captured in images
  • Go to the beach and enjoy a quiet walk. This will give you time to reflect on your inner self
  • Go to new restaurants and try different type of food. Eat something that you have never tasted before. Many chefs get their inspiration this way
  • Go out with friends and have a hearty chat over a long coffee break
  • Read some interesting blogs that give some useful information
  • Listen to a new kind of music. Select a new genre and enjoy it
  • Teach other people. Impart your knowledge. This will give you happiness
If you really want to gain spiritual knowledge and inspiration, you need to be open-minded. If you have hatred for someone because he belongs to a particular country or religion, you cannot gain spiritualfreedom. Remember, free your heart of all hatred. Be free in nature, and you’ll find yourself being inspired. Stop being biased or intolerant. Treat everyone equally and with same love and compassion, and you’ll find just love around you.
Leave your iPod. If you are going wandering in nature, make sure you leave your iPod at home. I have seen many people who go on early morning jogging sessions and plug their earphones so that they can cut themselves from the ‘noise’ of the nature. Just enjoy the nature and be one with it. Pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. Listen to bird sounds. It is all very relaxing and peaceful. Your favourite music might be really great, but there is nothing better than the music of nature. Enjoy it for a change.
And in the last, another thing that will help you get inspired: talk to people, socialise. The more you talk to people, the more you will learn. Without socialising, you are just sitting at one place and having one particular mindset. Leave that place. Stop stagnating. Meet different people and learn new things from them.