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                 My name is  Daoud  Alahmad   Form Jordan                             

I am a social worker and holds   BA certificate  I have worked  for years in the field of  Social Service in several institutions and  organizations  and specialized   in the field of mental disability and received       several   certificates in this field .
Then  specialized  in training and rehabilitation   for those category   then  prepared  them   to work  in training centers and   sheltered workshops    for adults  over the age of eighteen .

I was  responsible  of   put the  layout   training   programs for these people, monitor and evaluate the work  and  the direct evaluation of their performance and development.
I was also  responsible for the preparation of reports showing the  status of professional  situation . 
Reached by those people even after their enrollment in the open labor market, and of course  supervised and follow-up work in the  institutions and   companies  who  were working for .
I have worked in this field  for several years during which I have  made a lot of achievements at the country level  , and then I am considered  as expert in the field of training, as well as operating for this category  . for this, I sometimes want to provide some of these experiences to those who request and need  my help   I am ready  to answer   questions from parents   as well as institutions working in this  field
Welcome   anybody  .

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                    Can they plan for strike ??

I love to tell some of the situations that happened to me during my career in my work with people with disabilities, the fact that some of us , in many cases may not have sufficient capacity to choose  may find  himself  in situations not planned for  or be ready for, and this is exactly  what happened with me more than once.
One of the  exotic positions that happened to me, when I started my new job in one of the large organisations in the country  , which is a  sheltered  workshop a factory  of wooden and metal furniture and equipped with all the  potential crisis for the work of people with disability, especially the means of safety devices .  The origins of work for me  to do is to identify the people who I will work with them, and  I asked for  meeting with them  and prepared the room for that  I came  in the hall  on time  I was so surprised I did not find anybody waiting for me and the room was completely empty , I was really surprised  and when requested clarification  I learned  that  they were have decided to strike against  me  and they do not want to see me here , and  when I  tried to  understand  , they refused even  to negotiate with me,  through my experience I learned that there are leaders, leading this rebellion, I invited two of them  to  my office  spoke with them I knew that   the strikers do not want me in the organization and I have to leave immediately, I asked them to give  me  some time to  make my decision. I know through my experience too , that behind this rebellion some of  instigators  of the trainers and supervisors    , In fact, I did not worry  about that  , what I care about  is the situation  itself  , I  was very pleased    that they have come to this advanced stage of freedom of expression.  that was really  what struck  me .


PARROT       what do  you know about ??

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