Friday, May 25, 2012

They have some funny tricks too

One  might think they  do not represent or pretend or imagine, and they are more  innocent than that, but believe me, some of them invent tricks and puzzling behavior may not unthinkable one  representation and imitation, and the fact that they have talents buried and we have to discover and work on to  develop  them ,  I will tell you a strange story of stories that happened to me during my work .
Radwan was  his name ,  he  was twenty years old does not seem to be any manifestation of the disability, but simple palsy in his leg and   right hand, from affordable and educated  family  .

When I have  seen  his  profile I  found that  he was  suffering from regular and simple  epilepsy  and  it was under control .
But I have noticed the opposite, in fact, I noticed that he dropped an average of three to four times a day as a result of epileptic seizures   and also noted that the supervisor ladies who  were  in the section where he  used to be  running away to bring a pillow and put it under his head   so that his head does not   hit the  ground during a seizure   and  this is repeated several times a day but I was not   convinced that what was  happening  was  normal  .

I know the situation  in such cases and how the ill people react  so therefore it was necessary to take swift action on this situation .
On day  he fell down in a dramatic  way  the ladies   ran  as usual   to  attend the pillow I asked them to stop and   not to submit it under his head  I want to make sure of something   I  have been confirmed so I  did not see  his head hit   the ground as usual  when you put the pillow under his head, then I asked him to stand up he  looked shamefully   and knew that I had discovered   his game .

Some  people perhaps  think  that the reason for such behavior is to attract the attention of others , that is true  , but believe me thats  not always  .
The real reason which we found out   that when laid on his back   on the ground during the case, the  ladies  be over his head for fear he might get damage  while  he  was  snooping and is enjoying the view of the  underwear of the ladies .
I asked him to come to my office talked to him about  what happened and why   he   did that , he could not give any response  and    had  admitted that he was   wrong . he stopped that  later .

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